Supporting World-Changing Documentaries

FiReFilms, the documentary film branch of the Strategic News Service™ (SNS) Future in Review (FiRe) Conference Corp., creates awareness of today’s most compelling issues by supporting world-changing documentary films in which technology improves the human condition, or that are otherwise critically important to our time. We share and spotlight approximately 12 of these films per year to our subscribing members, which include the SNS / FiRe global corporate community of C-level executives in technology and finance, as well as the BBC, other world press, and select partner film festivals.

Officially formed in 2012, after four years of screening a featured documentary at FiRe, FiReFilms now unites subscribers year-round who want to be informed of and share unique benefits made possible by their relationship with FiReFilms. In addition to those mentioned above, membership benefits include special events in varied locations and personalized access to cutting-edge movers in documentary film, as well as invitations for input at both individual and corporate levels.

We still highlight an annual Featured FiRe Film that expertly addresses an important strategic issue of our time, at the intersection of technology and social change. A special screening night is held for all FiRe conference participants, with the director present and opportunities for fundraising. FiReFilms support for and screenings of this film continue throughout the year.

FiReFilms is led by a steering committee composed of experts in film, technology, and investment.