A Slight Discomfort

A Slight Discomfort: My Prostate Diaries [Short]

A Slight Discomfort [Feature film; work-in-progress]
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/60872139

The story of a man, his play, and his prostate.

From film subject Jeff Metcalf: “My name is Jeff Metcalf and I’m a professor of English at the University of Utah. Cancer and humor don’t usually fit in the same sentence. In my case, they do. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer eight years ago and given some very slim odds. I wrote a play, A Slight Discomfort, about my journey through cancer. It has been performed across the country and it has saved lives. The play explores the shared experience of being human and dealing with a crisis with grace and humor; it takes us from laughter to tears, from blushing to bravo, from thought to action, from tragedy to triumph.

“With your help, we’d like to make a documentary about my journey through cancer including everything behind the scenes and leading up to the play. It’s a good idea. There are only two degrees of separation with cancer. You either have cancer or somebody you know and love does. By making a documentary about A Slight Discomfort, we can broaden the conversation of how we deal with and live with cancer. The greatest value of this documentary will be in helping others, be it families, doctors, or survivors themselves deal with any form of cancer through laughter and light.”