The Ripple Effect [Short]

The Ripple Effect [Short]

The Ripple Effect is a short documentary about Carolyn Tuft, a survivor of the 2007 Trolley Square shooting in Salt Lake City, Utah. The film examines the long-lasting effects of gun violence.

Ten years ago, Carolyn took her 13-year-old daughter out to buy valentines cards. A young man, armed with several weapons, began systematically to open fire on shoppers. No reason.

Carolyn was shot at close range with a sawed-off shotgun several times, and her daughter died in her arms. Carolyn survived and still lives with over 200 lead shotgun pellets in her torso.
Along with her older daughter, Kait, mother and daughter have lobbied effortlessly on behalf of reasonable gun control. Carolyn still suffers the pain, and she was bankrupted by medical and pharmaceutical bills. It has not been an easy life for her and her family.

A University of Utah “Humanities in Focus” Film

Humanities in Focus is a yearlong course at the University of Utah that connects undergraduate honors students with community members from marginalized populations to produce groundbreaking documentary films. Led by Jeff Metcalf and Craig Wirth, the program builds community, fosters a commitment to social justice, and allows all involved to develop confidence and a range of skills.

The College of Humanities provides this opportunity at no cost to its highly qualified and capable participants, which means it relies on the generosity of individuals and foundations to make this program possible.

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